Fun Times with Dalton, Laura and Kenny

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kitchen Before Pictures

This mop will be lucky to be alive by the time the next two weeks are over! =0)
Actually I should have the opposite feelings for the poor mop! It has been my aide in cleaning up so much dust...spider webs...even dead spiders! Yuck!! I know!! I am living it!! =0)

Dalton's room is ready for primer and I can't wait to get back to Salt Lake so that I can finish it.

I look forward to the day when the painting and the detailed cleaning in the house is done.

The Kitchen is almost done! This mop picture showes a little corner of the kitchen and into the washroom of the house. I am putting one other picture on this post that shows the lovely wallpaper that we worked for days to remove. It also shows the bright peach paint found under the wallpaper. I am excited to have an after picture! That will be coming soon! =0)
Dalton and I are in Henderson, NV. for the weekend with the family so our work on the house is on hold for a few days. I will enjoy the small break and be back to busy as ever again next week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Work Work Work!!

You are all going to have to be patient with me as far as pictures go. I have been taking some and will be posting them shortly. This past weekend was spent putting primer on the walls in the kitchen. Today I will be doing primer in Dalton's room and then tomorrow if all goes well we will be painting! The loan is supposed to close on Thursday so we are all very excited! I am hoping to be mostly moved and set up by the end of next Monday! That will be quite a task considering that we are spending Easter Weekend in Henderson! (I will have pictures for that soon also!)