Fun Times with Dalton, Laura and Kenny

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Dalton loved the fountain in the front.

My little crazy man playing by the tents.

Arin, Dalton and I enjoyed the beautiful afternoon at the open house.

The temple is beautiful of course. It is so neat that we have been able to go to two temple open houses this year! What a blessing!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easter in Henderson

I have had every intention of posting some of our Easter adventures on my blog since April! Here are some fun pictures that I have from our weekend at mom's house in Henderson.

My little brother Ben made the cool swords for our Easter egg hunt. They were a hit! The kids spent time doing crafts and coloring, blowing bubbles and having a vicious water gun fight!

It was such a great weekend and was the first time in a long time that our entire family was in Henderson. With 20 grandkids and families in Salt Lake and Henderson we cherish these times that we get to be together!