Fun Times with Dalton, Laura and Kenny

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Exciting!!

This fall we said farewell to our dear Grandpa Jensen. We had no idea then that our loss would bring such a change in our lives. Over the holidays Rhonda and I joked about buying grandpas house together. Well, when both of us seriously sat down and thought about it we decided it was a really good idea. For months Rhonda worked to set things up with a loan and our first answer was no. We were devastated! Well, I am happy to announce that the final answer is yes! We will be buying Grandpa Jensens house! Dalton and I have been hard at work pulling down wallpaper with Aunt Rhonda and Arin. It is quite a job! I am hoping to get some pictures and post more as we work through setting up and repairing the house. One post that will be coming soon is Dalton's garden that he and I have been working on. All of us are so excited to have our new place! I love this picture of Dalton. It is from a few years ago when we were visiting Grandpa Jensen. I am so excited that this special place will be a big part of our future! We hope that all of the family will be able to enjoy this place, that is so full of memories, for many years to come.