Fun Times with Dalton, Laura and Kenny

Sunday, July 5, 2009

M&M's mmmmm...Yummy!

There is nothing like a rainy afternoon with cousins! Especially when you get to have M&M's at snacktime! Ethan is enjoying them so much that he is completely distracted from the camera and Meleah is giving me the "Hello!! Are you ever going to give me more??" look. Oh wait, this is just her typical camera face...he he!! Candice we just love our serious little lady!!

Jayden and Lydia are showing off their smiles and their delicious sweets. Jayden's smile will knock your socks off every time and Lydias pink flowers are just adorable!!

Oh man, here is trouble! Carter has M&M eyes and that face Dalton! It is clear that you are up to no good! It was so much fun having the cousins over for a visit this week! Thanks Tara, Candice and Rachel for coming out.

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